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TJ-KZ1200 Automatic strapping machine with press-top
Mechanical parameter Model: TJ-KZ1200
Speeds up to 50undles /m
Adaptation material: PP packing belt
Belt specifications: width 5-6mm, thickness 0.35-0.65mm
With coil specifications: 200mm, inner, coreX420mm, enternal, core, X, 190mm, W
Power: 0.8kw
Size: 1100*1500*1700mm (length, width, height)
Power supply: 220/110v 50HZ/60HZ
Control system: SIEMENS PLC
Strapping system: 30 /m (strapping speed)
Binding force: 5-30kg
Net weight: 400kg
Mechanical advantages
1,It can be used in conjunction with various high-speed nail box machines to realize the complete automation of packaging process and reduce labor cost.
2,speed, you can play single line, double line, three lines.
3,effectively reduce labor intensity.
4,the whole process of PLC control, accurate control packing belt position and two times into the line.
5,the use of hot-melt adhesive tape, you can work 24 hours continuously.
Single manual one minute, 50 bands, choose automatic or manual mode by way of hot melt adhesive tape, with two times in line with send function, not the cassette, firm structure, from the operation panel to adjust the force of bundling and packing the reel assembly and disassembly are very convenient and quick, can be used 5mm packing belt, saving supplies, especially the use of generation enterprises in carton.