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TJ-HA Semi-automatic carton pasting machine
TJ-HA semi automatic gluing machine: the carton manufacturing final process equipment, mainly for single corrugated cardboard forming the bond, to meet the many varieties, small batch production requirements, to meet the food, cotton export packing, is an ideal equipment for carton. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, simple operation, stable performance and reliable operation, and is an essential equipment in the packaging carton industry. Main parts details Gear reducer adopts Taiwan gear reducer
Taiwan weather button switch, travel switch, terminal block
Taiwan Yangming photoelectric switch, counter, Taiwan Shihlin contactor
Using Taiwan conveyor belt
The whole head is made of imported material and is processed with abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance
Mechanical advantages
It's fast, 40 meters per minute
No skilled workers, more flexible deployment
Effectively reduce labor intensity
With automatic beat function, effectively solve scissors fork
After the automatic counting, the finished product number (1-99 pieces) can be set according to the number of stacked to the end of the conveyor, easy to bundle
Fan auxiliary air drying function, speed up carton adhesion, reduce the production of defective products
The semi-finished products are bonded to finished products and placed only for two persons. The operation is simple and convenient, and the salary is reduced
The feeding section is automatically counted and stacked into bundles to automatically send out bundles to reduce the number of cartons and reduce the wages of personnel
The middle part is accompanied with the function of striking, which effectively avoids the phenomenon that the scissors appear in the carton
Mechanical parameter
Scope of application Mechanical specifications
Max size (length + width)
"Max (L+W) 2.
2460mm Power 5HP
Minimum size (length + width)
Min (L+W) 2.
340mm Length 4500mm
Max size (length + width)
Min (L+W) 2.
1515mm Width 1800mm
Minimum size (length + width)
Min (L+W) 2.
240mm Weitht 2000kgs
High of feeder 900mm Speed 40M/ minutes