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TJ-DB Semi-automatic nail box machine
function Dual servo drive (patent number 20092053719.6), accurate and accurate, mechanical transmission part is reduced, which can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate Automatic barrier (patent number ZL201220068924.1), convenient, time-saving, easy to operate
Touch screen operation, parameters (nail pitch, nail number, nail species, tailgate) change easily and quickly
Can a single screw nail (/ / /), double nail (/ / / / / /), (/ / / / /) strengthening nails for the kinds of customer requirements nail
It takes only one minute to change the size
The feeding section is automatically counted (0-999), sent automatically after being bundled, and is easy to pack
Can be nailed to the lid and no lid (the first nail to the carton edge distance of 25mm)
When the nail line is used up, the automatic alarm device. (avoid defective nails and studs which are not produced by nail thread.)
Semi-finished products to be finished, tied, placed only two people to operate, easy to operate, convenient, reduce wages
Mechanical advantages
Fast, 500 nails per minute
No skilled workers, more flexible deployment
Effectively reduce labor intensity
Dual servo drive, more convenient operation, less mechanical transmission, so the failure rate is lower
Mechanical parameter
Mechanical speed 500/ minutes Total horsepower 6HP
Nail margin 0-100mm (optionally adjusted) Mechanical weight 2000KGS
The number of nails 1-99 nails Feed height 900mm
A nail Single nail, double nail, reinforced nail Applicable cardboard 3 layers of /5 corrugated cardboard, /7 layer needs to be made to order
(3mm to 8mm)
minimum size 300*606mm
Max sheet size 1515*2460mm Nail line specification 2.0mm* (0.65mm to 0.75mm)


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