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TJ-2400 Automatic paste box machine
JHX series of sticky box machine is mainly used in color printing packaging enterprises carton, carton adhesion process. Because the vast majority of domestic packaging enterprises in the complex and corrugated carton boxes of special paste processes are pure manual, which led to paste box molding processes across the enterprise, especially the corrugated box production enterprises employing up to, and the efficiency is low, the largest area of the quality of the process is also easy and to the production management of enterprises brought a lot of trouble. This machine is my factory and the development of labor-intensive countries and regions for packaging enterprises of this problem, the use of this machine can make the enterprise to reduce the dependence on a large number of skilled workers in the paste box, save space, and greatly improve work efficiency and product quality.
Mechanical advantages
Speed, average speed of 0~120 meters / min.
No skilled workers, more flexible deployment
Effectively reduce labor intensity
With automatic beat function, effectively solve scissors fork
After the automatic counting, the finished product number (1-99 pieces) can be set according to the number of stacked to the end of the conveyor, easy to bundle Fan auxiliary air drying function, speed up carton adhesion, reduce the production of defective products
The semi-finished products are bonded to finished products and placed only by one person. The operation is simple and convenient, and the salary is reduced
The feeding section is automatically counted and stacked into bundles to automatically send out bundles to reduce the number of cartons and reduce the wages of personnel The middle part is accompanied with the function of striking, which effectively avoids the phenomenon that the scissors appear in the carton
Mechanical parameter
Mechanical specifications
Corrugated board adaptation A.B.C.AB Leng, three, five cardboard
Maximum board size 1200*2600
Minimum board specification 380*850
Conveying speed 0~120 M / min.
Complete machine power 9KW
Total rated current of the whole machine 35A
pressure 0.4—0.6MPA
Power Supply Three-phase (380V)
Mechanical dimension 12000*3600*1800MM (length, width, height)
Net Weight 6.0T


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