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Custom heightening type 1200 servo pedal nail box machine
The pedal type double servo automatic nail box machine is the most advanced development and improvement carton carton case machine, which combines the advantages of Taiwan high speed nail box machine and the advantages of semi-automatic carton press. Is currently the most advanced servo foot high efficiency automatic nail box machine, the nail box machine is driven by 2 sets of advanced servo motor to control the mechanical and nail head movements, servo motor with brake positioning, electronic device, low energy consumption, low failure rate, convenient operation, suitable for various sizes the use of carton binding. It is the ideal carton equipment in modern carton factory.
The whole group of nail head nail box machine production in Taiwan, the nail head and die at the end of the nail box machine on the steel production, durable, Japanese tungsten steel production by tangential blade, reducing the traditional nail box often changed confidential trouble and cost, while reducing the cost.
Main accessories and instructions
The biggest advantage of this machine is that it can solve the problem of the forming effect of the carton due to the improper packing of the carton and the pressure of the line. The problems in the automatic nail box machine and automatic nail box machine is a big problem cannot be solved, this is also a lot of customers choose not to use semi-automatic nail box machine and the choice of one of the main reasons why the automatic nail box machine with the pedal servo half.
Dual servo drive, accurate and accurate, mechanical transmission part reduction, can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate. Taiwan weinview touch screen operation parameters (screw nail, nail spacing, convenient transformation).
The whole control system adopts SIEMENS PLC control system.
The bottom die, tungsten steel blade adopts Japan making (wear)
The whole set of nail heads and Taiwan imports are all made of special mould steel and processed by computer gongs
Can a single screw nail / double nail nail (/ / / / / / / / strengthen the two double nail in the middle part of single screw) once completed, can be suitable for different customers for different requirements for the nail.
It is only one minute to change the size of carton and adjust the nail distance of carton. It saves time and is easy to operate.
The utility model can be nailed into a single carton box, and also can be nailed into double carton boxes, and can be used in one machine.
This machine can reduce the labor intensity of employees, and greatly improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of employees.
technical parameter
Mechanical model TJ-SF1200
Mechanical speed 300-500 nails / min
Power (KW) 2
Nail type (degree) 180
Nail line model 17#18#
Nail shape Single spike / double headed nail
Overall size (L * w * h) 1800*550*1950mm
Weight 480kg