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Commonly used baler CY-100
Taiwan commonly used brand packaging machine CY-100
This machine is widely used to improve the efficiency, efficiency, the efficiency of a semi automatic strapping machine, the equivalent of 3-4 workers bound to save time, tying a just 1.2 seconds, automatic adjustment for packaging of various sizes, easy operation (no experience can operate), cutting bag rope firmly tied short and neat simple, widely used, carton, cardboard, printing products, towels, gloves can be bundled. Suitable for light packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging and bundling, regardless of size, without adjustment of the machine can be packaged, the machine is a mechanical structure, part of the use of imported parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy adjustment and etc..
PE banding machine is mainly used in cartons, pits, paper boxes, printing enterprises
Instead of the manual binding process in the enterprise, the enterprise reduces the dependence of a large number of workers
This machine only needs one person operation, without technical training
Apply to
Cardboard boxes, pits, paper, cardboard and other large objects bundled with newspapers, books and periodicals and other printed matter, ready to wear clothing.
Mechanical parameter
Maximum binding size 1000mmⅹ800mm Motor power 370W
Minimum binding size 200mmⅹ160mm Electromechanical power supply Stand-alone 220V
Desktop depth 360mm Overall size 1240ⅹ1450ⅹ1950mm
Bundle depth 1.2 seconds / knots Net weight 220kg
Rope type Pure material 28# end tape Gross weight 270kg


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