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Status analysis of corrugated box industry in the international market

  Comparison of domestic and foreign markets of corrugated box industry
  Efficiency comparison
  Europe and the United States is wide, high-speed corrugated production line, and formed a complete and efficient production system, can not stop transform specifications, so these production lines to adapt to a wide range of production flexibility is very large. Not only can the production of large orders be completed, but also the production of small batch orders can be completed in continuous operation.
  In contrast, China's corrugated production line, only a very small number of Watts line has the above functions. At present, China's watt line even if it is a wide range of high-speed production lines, there are technical aspects of the lack of, especially in order to adapt to market changes in the small batch there is a big gap.
  From the performance of single production line, the performance indicators of several major European and American countries are: 6451 in the United States, 5670 in Germany, 4440 in France, 3670 in Britain, 3260 in Spain, and 10000 square meters per year in unit.
  At present, the production efficiency index of our country's single production line is much bigger than that of other developed countries, but it is not in an order of magnitude.
  Equipment compatibility
  Europe and the United States after the carton processing equipment complete, functional and variety, we are less complete.
  The size of the carton industry Canada as an example, the country's annual production of corrugated board 2 billion 540 million square meters, has 129 carton factory, a processing Carton Factory 63, 45 corrugated board production line, and its matching after processing equipment more than 900 Taiwan (sets), including all types of printing slotting gluing machine with the nail box machine, folding nail box machine a total of 636 units (sets), flat type rotary die-cutting machine with two meter 157, carton surface finishing and finishing equipment 120. Its matching degree is much larger than the average matching ratio of watt line / print Boot 1 to 3.
  Product evaluation
  Function: European and American carton functional packaging and finishing processing, in order to show the beautification of content packaging, more generally and strengthen the performance, in addition to exquisite printing, accessories application, coating, coating is another aspect. Such as refined paraffin wax emulsion and widely used, so the fireproof function of product packaging and preservation effect; color carton carton should be changed the traditional yellow color dull tone, to beautify and publicize the effect of commodity has changed; the carton surface coating surface treatment technology, but also to regulate the atmosphere, preservation, in addition to electrostatic effect, can be used for packaging food, but also to be of great advantage some fruits and vegetables and microelectronic products.
  Carton structure: developed countries, three boxes of cartons accounted for the vast majority, the proportion reached 88.7%-89.4%, double Watt, five layer cardboard 9.1%-9.5%, three watts, seven cardboard only 0.5%-0.6%. In recent years, the use of heavy-duty packaging and all paper pallets has increased, but the proportion of the latter has risen, but the proportion is still very small. This is another embodiment of packaging lightweight and green packaging featuring resource conservation and energy conservation.
  Corrugated structure and polarization: in the United States, cartons of small to 500-510 grams / square meter; France and other European countries carton average single weight from 2002's 550-570 grams / square meter to 510-520 grams / square meter in 2004. There are many kinds of corrugated structure, such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G and N. Among them, E corrugated below are called micro corrugated. The height of F, C and N is 0.75-0.81mm, 0.50-0.58mm and 0.46mm respectively. In recent years, there is O type corrugated, and the height of arris is 0.3mm. Coupled with the earlier years of super large corrugated K, high 12.7-19.6mm, double arch (two core paper) molding, used in heavy-duty packaging and shock absorption, shock resistant packaging occasions. Thus, the function packaging of corrugated boxes is more comprehensive and strengthened. At present, the corrugated corrugated paperboard has not really entered the field of Corrugated processing in our country, and the application of heavy duty corrugated cardboard is also a big gap with the social needs. There is still a long way to go for the corrugated paper processing industry in our country.