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How to reduce the cost of corrugated paperboard assembly line maintenance

  Non normal corrugated cardboard production line shutdown will produce a lot of waste, and may result in low production efficiency, increased production costs, how to reduce the cost of maintenance of the machine is the most important issue of each carton factory; carton forming equipment including a semi-automatic nail box machine, automatic paste box machine, semi automatic gluing machine etc..
  First, routine maintenance
  Each week, month no provisions are for cleaning and refueling equipment, such as automatic paste box machine by professional operators to carry out equipment supervision, especially the need to focus on the bearing lubrication of mechanical equipment and maintenance of daily head paste, timely replacement of damaged parts, ensure the equipment running well, the seemingly simple real measures put in place by the original monthly expenditure of 10 operators in equipment maintenance and reduce the cost of tens of thousands to several million, greatly reduced maintenance costs. Not only that, the normal operation of the equipment for the conservation of energy consumption also has no small impact.
  Second, second stage maintenance
  Complete by equipment maintenance personnel, operator assistance. Pay attention to equipment steam running, running, leaking and adjustment of equipment status.
  Third, overhaul
  Equipment department according to the use of equipment problems to customize detailed overhaul plan and implementation. The daily maintenance of the equipment is very important, but also the cost of investment is less, but the effect is better. On the one hand, can prolong the service life of a machine, maintain smooth operation, on the other hand, reduce the probability of occurrence of mechanical failure, and waste, but also save manpower, reduce the cost of this is also need to pay attention to the local tile line. In addition, we must pay attention to a reasonable inventory of equipment spare parts, both to reduce the capital, but also to ensure the timely maintenance needs, but also to ensure the transformation of production quality and technical aspects.