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Carton mechanical adhesive box machine reasonable layout to improve production quality

  Carton forming machine glue box machine, nail box machine, packing machine, raw materials warehouse, workshop, warehouse, logistics delivery must comply with reasonable layout, process flow, so can greatly reduce the transportation cost and time, shorten the time of service to the customer.
  The warehouse is disposed in the vicinity of the corrugated line, ink printing machine set board line stacking machine not far away, nail connection box machine, glue box machine, automatic packing machine and other products directly into the finished goods warehouse, outside the warehouse is the product of the loading platform. Under normal circumstances, from the base paper into the carton, loaded into the car less than forty minutes.
  Of course, color box, color box production line can also be arranged in accordance with the flow process, the paper machine is placed in the base paper warehouse on the other side, next to the offset workshop, once covered, mounted, die cutting, sticky box, nail box, packaging and so on.
  A carton or carton from the order sheet to the organizational production, and then to the customer delivery, the shorter the stay in these processes, the more able to reflect the smooth flow.
  Nail box machine and glue box machine, packaging machine packaging molding machinery referred to as necessary, if the carton factory investment using automatic nail stick packing machine, then the cost will be too large, and the operation difficulty increases, maintenance costs are too high, general carton plant is not recommended, if there is what fault, it will greatly affect the yield of carton factory. Lost on time delivery standards for the delivery of customers, so the choice of glue box machine nail box machine packing machine and other products manufacturers can choose according to their own situation, the general choice of semi automatic nail box machine is enough to use, sticky box machine can according to the factory stick box molding production to investment in semi automatic or fully automatic price. Is also more reasonable. If the layout carton forming machine carton factory can reasonably so greatly enhance the production quality of carton factory, there are articles on the bonding strength of glue box machine, interested can click to view the "semi automatic gluer adhesive strength decision board production quality"