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How to look at the semi-automatic nail box machine

  With the gradual improvement of carton packaging technology, semi-automatic carton machine is also more used in carton factory. Compared with twentieth Century, twenty-first Century people's living standard has greatly improved, the same for carton packaging requirements are also increasing, then, relying on the artificial has been unable to meet the needs of the people, see the semi-automatic nail box machine how gorgeous turn.
  In the production of corrugated boxes, no matter what kind of equipment is adopted, the forming process of the carton can be divided into several main processes, such as printing, molding, joining and packing. As the last production process of carton forming machine, the technological effect of the semi-automatic carton machine will directly affect the appearance quality and service performance of the carton. From the production process, although the nail box is relatively simple process, but in daily production, but also often appear some quality problems, and make the carton in the final process become waste, causing great waste. So, can not be ignored and the quality control process of the nail box, only focus on equipment selection, operation technology, material selection and other aspects of careful control, in order to better prevent and reduce quality problems.
  Compared with the manual nail case machine, the semi-automatic nail case machine not only has high production efficiency, but also has the advantages of uniform and beautiful nails and nail spacing.
  Below we will carry on the introduction to the monolithic type semi-automatic nail box machine, hoped can help everybody.
  Technical parameter name specification speed semi-automatic nail box machine (single) including TJ-DA 1500*2400MM board conveying mechanism: on the four drive type and feed type, tailgate adjusting device, right baffle and transmission mechanism. An electric adjustment device for adjusting the gap of the paper feed wheel. It is suitable for all kinds of cardboard of different thicknesses. The nail head compound drive design combines the advantages of the gear box type and chain type transmission, easy maintenance and maintenance, low failure rate and high efficiency drive.