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Professional carton equipment production

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Dongguan City Tianjin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and manufacturing corrugated boxes after the processing equipment of high-tech enterprises. The company's technology innovation as the core strategy of enterprises, aimed at the direction of international counterparts and domestic and foreign users for the actual needs of independent research and development of a series of both close to the market but also for users to create value products.

Over the years, I plant has been committed to the mechanical development, manufacturing, draw domestic and foreign carton machinery of the new technology, new technology, combined with China's carton production industry to continuously improve the development needs of the factory's product quality step by step, Its strong national conditions to win the majority of carton production customers praise.

I plant for the market for the quality of corrugated boxes continue to improve and efficient production methods change, we more with its strong equipment strength, rigorous scientific management, superb production technology, to produce high quality products, our products Quality to a higher level. To meet the needs of different customers.

I always adhere to the "quality first, credit first" business philosophy, and always seize the opportunity to deepen the reform, pioneering and innovative, our product quality to the international road to a higher quality, more preferential prices And better after-sales service, to thank all the old and new friends of the trust.
Company staff sincerely welcome you to plant inspection guidance, business negotiations. The company believes in people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, advancing with the times! Listen to the voice of users, timely feedback and improvement, is the driving force for our growth.